Populate [verb]

Definition of Populate:

supply with inhabitants

Synonyms of Populate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Populate:


Sentence/Example of Populate:

This certainly is a new method to populate our colonies with capitalists.

And this is our life—to pursue the Type, to populate the world with it.

Arabs populate the land and are clamorous in their demands for coins from travelers.

We have to populate the earth, and to carry the blessings of our Kultur all over the world.

The Quaker baby, and the lady "with whom you might give an assembly or populate a parish," are instances in point.

There is a dramatic and pictorial value in the humblest orchestra, no matter how densely you populate your music-room.

They may shun all association with women but at the same time maintain that they have a cultural mission to populate the earth.

They made little progress from savagery to the state of gentes de razon, or "reasonable beings," fit to populate the pueblos.

Our government has taken every means within its grasp to populate these large areas of cheap rich land.

To accept it is really to turn back the clock and populate the unseen again with the creation of our fears or our fancies.