Populating [verb]

Definition of Populating:

supply with inhabitants

Synonyms of Populating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Populating:


Sentence/Example of Populating:

There we were, all of us populating a frieze for some merry artist god.

But with the strategical question of populating the Northern Territory is bound up the other idea of populating Australia itself.

Unfortunately, it effected very little, incapable as it was of populating even Mexico.

And suddenly, with an all but religious zeal, mankind conceived its fantasy dream of populating the galaxy.

Before it was cut off as the territory of Wisconsin in 1836 much had been done in the way of populating it.

He counted the nine windows, five above and four below, populating with the shapes of many friends the rooms they lightened.

The practical experience of reading is populating such a universe through personal projection that will test its human validity.

So long as the colonies were held by the Crown, the process of populating the country by immigration was checked.

This immigrant canoe was also an important factor in populating the Tamaki Isthmus.

They were the outgrowth of an ancient policy that had been used centuries ago for populating the planets of the galaxy.