Populist [adjective]

Definition of Populist:

representative, self-governing

Synonyms of Populist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Populist:


Sentence/Example of Populist:

Women go as delegates to the Prohibition and Populist conventions.

The Granger and the Populist were prophets of this reform movement.

As I write, a convention of the Populist Party has just taken place.

After the election of 1892 free silver captured the Populist organization.

Biographical material on the Populist leaders is also scant.

Russia remains the ‘country of peasants’, a country of ‘populist’ production.

All the failures, no matter for what reason, are on the Populist's side.

In 1896 he was elected treasurer of King county on the Populist ticket.

In politics has been a populist since the date of the organization of that party.

No socks will do but those you carried off from the Populist Candidate's room.