Porcine [adjective]

Definition of Porcine:

pertaining to pigs

Synonyms of Porcine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Porcine:


Sentence/Example of Porcine:

Demming closed his eyes in his porcine manner and grunted, "Tell him."

Arrived at the place, he observed that numbers of his porcine family were there before him.

Every house here had a colony of the porcine family in its yard.

Unworthiness doesn't, I hope, consign us to the porcine category.

On his return Greybrush found the passage littered with moss and leaves, while porcine snoring resounded throughout the earth.

There was another uniformed person of porcine girth standing beside that desk and pointing to a map on the wall in front of him.

After all, were his individual opinions and doubts expressed in a manner forceful enough to diversify him from a porcine apathy?

Porcine race; prizes—equal, to Messrs. Leherisse and Cullembourg, sixty francs!

Porcine race; prizes—equal, to Messrs. Lehérissé and Cullembourg, sixty francs!

This "Brachiano" is a far more living figure than the porcine paramour of the historic Accoramboni.