Porky [noun]

Definition of Porky:

animal of swine family

Synonyms of Porky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Porky:


Sentence/Example of Porky:

Well, as I was saying, it's absurd to worry; he's not a porky father.

No, Smoky, it is no dog; neither is it a porky; it is a bear this time all right.

The first bear trap that we came to, we found a "porky" in it.

It was Porky, with that wedge-coat of hisn, and a seegar as big as a corn-cob!

Diana looked doubtfully at the two inches of brown, porky substance on her ivy-leaf plate, and sighed.

In the middle of the night we heard a "Porky" crawling over the roof, dragging his heavy spine covered tail over the boards.

The rancher returned the greeting with a curt nod, and a level stare: "Things on Porky's all right, I guess—so far."

I subsequently learned that if the narrow side turned up frequently this indicated they would have another “porky” on the morrow.

Then he picked her up by one foot, very gingerly, and carried her off; and our Porky never saw his mother again.

Now, sluggish and slow though a porky may be, there is one of his members that is as quick as a steel trap, and that is his tail.