Porous [adjective]

Definition of Porous:

full of pores; like a sieve; having holes; absorbent

Synonyms of Porous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Porous:

Sentence/Example of Porous:

The soft layers are porous, and permit the diffusion of the acid from plate to plate.

Hanging from one of the sticks that supported the tent was a porous jar of water.

Papillate -us: a surface with small elevations which are porous at tip.

It should be porous in a high degree—whether in winter weight or summer weight.

The vein was porous and water was constantly trickling out of it.

The soil is porous, easy to cultivate, and exceedingly productive.

You are cold and estranged; Yet the ends of my fingers cling to your porous surface.

Since they possess pores or vessels, the hardwoods are called "porous" woods.

The same field, well drained, is friable and porous, and uniform in texture.

That through which the water had passed, after it had been dried, was more open and porous.