Portability [noun]

Definition of Portability:

ability to move

Synonyms of Portability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portability:


Sentence/Example of Portability:

Its portability; which made it easy for the traveller to carry it about with him.

But the most salient characteristic of this machine is its portability.

When accuracy is not necessary, but portability is desirable, springs are used.

Oxyacetylene equipment has found application, owing to its portability.

They are like stevedores, stowing the cargo for portability.

Its portability will render it as available for travelling, as its beauty will render it an ornament to the drawing-room.

Its great superiority over any other kind of food was its not requiring preparation and its portability.

Strength to resist hurricanes, simplicity of construction, portability and resistance to external cold were fundamental.

The points in favor of this outfit are its cheapness, compactness, portability, and great general utility.

Through writing, the portability of language was no longer reducible to the mobility of those speaking it.