Portcullis [noun]

Definition of Portcullis:

movable barrier at entrance

Synonyms of Portcullis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portcullis:


Sentence/Example of Portcullis:

When Corkran got to his portcullis, he thought he'd reached the reward of his labours.

Bid the varlets lower the draw-bridge and raise the portcullis.

Turning, they wished to flee into the castle and pull down the portcullis.

Edouard felt as it were a portcullis of ice come down between her and him.

This suggests colander, which, like portcullis, belongs to Lat.

The sun was sinking in shrouds of gray when we passed the portcullis at Roche-Mauprat.

They were placed in two apartments, divided by a portcullis.

The portcullis had dropped; the days of his service in England were over.

"We are not wont to be summoned after once the portcullis is up," said he.

Unless the drawbridge can be lowered and portcullis raised—none!