Portent [noun]

Definition of Portent:

indication, forewarning

Synonyms of Portent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portent:


Sentence/Example of Portent:

It was the hush of portent, the hush of watchfulness, the hush of a threatening tension.

They had him, but it was like getting hold of an apparition, a wraith, a portent.

The silence without was only portent of the storm so soon to burst.

It was because he was a failure in literature that he became a portent in English history.

And, try as I might, I felt it to be a portent and a prophecy.

The Impending Crisis was a portent and an impulse of the coming catastrophe.

Detached, no portion of the ritual had meaning; its portent lay in the whole.

They didn't receive it, but by his theory the portent was only the stronger.

The sea has a greasy look and this heavy ground swell is a portent.

But for that portent, whatever it boded, she might have been not my wife but his.