Porthole [noun]

Definition of Porthole:

place or means of escape, release

Synonyms of Porthole:

Opposite/Antonyms of Porthole:

Sentence/Example of Porthole:

A porthole, with the black heavens and the blazing stars, was before her.

He looked around the fixed cabin and out the porthole at the unmoving stars.

He lowered a tender gaze on his banjo and I went on looking through the porthole.

He stood there, looking out the porthole, and forgot I was there.

"You were right about the porthole, Robert," I said, and I gave him the promised sovereign.

Suddenly I became aware that the porthole was open, and fastened back.

That room also was in darkness, with only one porthole open.

He led them to the stern, and to the little cabin, in which was a porthole.

Probably the speakers were in a cabin with the porthole open.

The sample which he had had through the porthole had not prepared him for the magic of it.