Portraiture [noun]

Definition of Portraiture:

drawn representation; description

Synonyms of Portraiture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portraiture:


Sentence/Example of Portraiture:

In portraiture, in scenery, in costume, he is simplicity itself.

That was the end of portraiture in England until a new school arose.

He was recognised as being, in a certain style of portraiture, second to Lawrence only.

Vandyke, Reynolds, Titian—he deemed these the great triumvirate of portraiture.

And so I think it rather safer to leave the portraiture to the imagination of my readers.

And then, ideal sculpture may go on safely into portraiture.

In every other point it is an accurate piece of portraiture.

The emotions are given; the portraiture is left to be filled in by the imagination.

The portraiture is perfect in character, sentiment, and feature.

There never was necessity for accuracy of line in the portraiture of women.