Portrayed [verb]

Definition of Portrayed:

represent, imitate

Synonyms of Portrayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portrayed:

Sentence/Example of Portrayed:

I have been told that never was there an Englishman on earth like the one I portrayed in my novel.

Her disposition was sweet, and was portrayed in her countenance.

It seemed to me that the whole man was portrayed in these brief remarks.

If I have portrayed the dark side of slavery, I also have painted the bright side.

Would that Armstrong could here be portrayed as he appeared in life.

New England and the South have been portrayed by various writers.

It should be based on a careful study of the period to be portrayed.

They were less spectacular than the evils which the muck-rakers had portrayed.

It was he, the great musician, as he was portrayed in his youthful pictures!

I have portrayed in every tree the beauty of my mistress, and the despair of my loves.