Portraying [verb]

Definition of Portraying:

represent, imitate

Synonyms of Portraying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portraying:

Sentence/Example of Portraying:

He began by portraying in ardent language the sufferings he had undergone.

"Those devouring eyes and that portraying hand," Emerson says.

He saw that she was portraying what she had in her mind's eye.

In this work his individual manner of portraying a face is entirely formed.

But they are useless from the point of view intended, as portraying a man.

The truth is, Browning, instead of portraying truth, betrays it.

There was no pretension to truth in the portraying of manners and customs.

She always has command of herself and of the rle that she is portraying.

He is far better in depicting action than in portraying character.

Aristides portrays Christianity by portraying Christian morality.