Portrays [verb]

Definition of Portrays:

represent, imitate

Synonyms of Portrays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portrays:

Sentence/Example of Portrays:

There is no joy at all in the lives of the characters whom he portrays in it.

It portrays the life of the new West as no other book has done in recent years.

These Chaplain Clark portrays, to the delight of every reader, in this thrilling story.

What he portrays here is a condition of the life of the Mystic.

From his own life and experiences he portrays the whole nature of man.

It portrays with a lovely naïve simplicity The Presentation in the Temple.

Portrays human experience with a hand that is masterly and true.

There is nothing about Schrank which portrays the human fiend.

I fear that it portrays some blighting Power of suffering or of grief.

Dickens portrays the behavior, George Eliot dissects the motive of the behavior.