Posed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Posed:

The little model who posed for me was a lovely Italian of eight years old.

During the intervals for rest I posed for him in various attitudes, for he was a painter.

They had posed themselves so absurdly close to the world of things as they are.

Posed for his bust while suffering with a bad attack of dyspepsia.

Together with his sons he posed for his statue while encumbered with a bad attack.

She had a son, Ollivier, before whom she posed as an actress.

When I posed to you, only one idea lent me the courage that I needed.

It was from that time forward that he posed in the town as a fierce Republican.

The Emperor, who had been waiting for the invitation, posed once more as connoisseur.

I've danced and posed, and was glad to be able to earn my living that way.