Poser [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poser:

Buttner, thinking to punish him for his audacity, put a 'poser' to him, and awaited the result.

This was something of a poser, but the Captain did his best.

It certainly was a "poser" to be told, "But you don't even know my name."

This was a poser; an act of open impiety; a Kentucky argument.

To himself the unreal editor had to own that this was a poser.

Exactly what to do was a poser, but finally he nerved himself for another squeeze.

That article was a poser and a dumbfounder to the confederates.

That was a poser indeed; Gilbert bit his lip and said nothing.

He had to confess that that was a poser, for neither granny nor Joe could give him any assistance.

This looks like a poser, yet later rabbis surmounted the difficulty.