Poses [noun]

Definition of Poses:

artificial position

Synonyms of Poses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poses:

Sentence/Example of Poses:

Poses as an ignorant laborer, but he's not ignorant by a long shot.

As a modern euphuist has taught us, of all poses the natural pose is the most irritating.

Do you think a woman could look as she does in some of her poses and not feel it?

Poses are also affected by those who select a type of character which is approved.

There are poses which are practiced as a fashion for a time.

How could you not love her grace, her gentleness and the dignity of her poses?

“Under that guise he poses unsuspected by the police,” laughed my visitor.

It poses as an explanation, and is in reality a total evasion.

Of course, the faces were different from those of last evening, but the poses were similar.

Socialism often poses as Liberalism and is accepted as such by the unwary.