Poseur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poseur:

Poet and poseur he was, the strangest combination ever seen in man.

He may be named only to be cursed as wanton and mocker, poseur, trifler and vagrant.

“The poseur, never out of his rle,” murmured his audience there.

He's not a bit like an actor; he's natural and not a bit of a poseur.

As to his personality, it seems to be that of the poseur—almost of the snob.

Mr. Bellton was at heart the poseur, but he was also the fighter.

Even in "De Profundis" the poseur supplemented the artist, and the truth was not in him.

It is the poseur who is soft—soft at the very top, where Henry Ford is hard.

Many consider Tolstoy a poseur, but he sincerely believes in himself.

I used to think you were too good to be true—that you must be a poseur.