Poshest [adjective]

Definition of Poshest:

luxurious, upper-class

Synonyms of Poshest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poshest:

Sentence/Example of Poshest:

I do not think Posh troubled himself much about the accounts.

But by this time FitzGerald had seen symptoms in Posh which caused him anxiety.

I was glad to see that Posh no longer numbered me among “that breed.”

But it is possible that Posh dealt more fairly with him than he thought.

This Posh bought for about £100 without consulting his partner.

Posh does not remember whether he laid out the three halfpence or not.

The letter, as handed to me by Posh, was incomplete, and lacked signature.

The “lines and anchors” were, Posh thinks, lost from his old punt the Gazelle.

Mr. Barnard was a Lowestoft lawyer for whom Posh had no great love.

Posh says that Mrs. FitzGerald was a “fine figure of a woman.”