Positing [verb]

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Now why should we not posit quantity among the primary genera?

For how can he commend self-control and yet posit pleasure as the supreme good?

Let me posit here the ideal conditions for a morning pipe as I know them.

There was no way to wound her so deeply as to posit its reality and identify it with her.

If so, we may at least posit that almost unbounded license must be allowed the pen which aims simply to raise a laugh.

They posit one central thought and throw light upon it from a circle of separate reflectors.

Ibn Daud does not make use of creation to prove the existence of God, but neither does he posit eternal motion as Aristotle does.

It is scientifically inadmissible to posit a "religious faculty" organically ear-marked for religious use.

All that compels us rationally to posit the existence of soul, is its works, good and evil.

When it is posited as we are wont to posit the things we see and taste and handle.