Positioned [verb]

Definition of Positioned:

place physically in location

Synonyms of Positioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Positioned:

Sentence/Example of Positioned:

He positioned the ship above the hole which had been drilled into the huge rock.

Raoul positioned his little party in the center of the foremost line.

He put his hands on the other man's shoulders, and positioned him.

He positioned Grant on the square and a moment later Grant was back on the sidewalk.

The drum was positioned so that its upper surface was one-quarter inch below the face of the flywheel.

Keeping this positioned in line with his right shoulder guided him on the westerly course he needed.

The chair in which he was sitting rose slightly from the floor and positioned itself in front of the window.

His back was towards the two on the other end, and perhaps it was well that he should have been so positioned at that moment.

Round about were positioned others who in one necessity or another might be relied upon to play an ordered part.

Near the left hand was a long knife of red quartzite, positioned so that it might have been inserted in a belt or girdle.