Positions [noun]

Definition of Positions:

physical place

Synonyms of Positions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Positions:

Sentence/Example of Positions:

There seems to be some likeness in the positions of Paul and myself.

The shifting of Positions by springing, may be known by what follows, viz.

Positions, are the different Placings of the Feet in Dancing.

The Change of Positions is made two ways, either by springing, or waving.

This is the first of three positions of the Genius of France.

Mr. Lawrence and his pony had both altered their positions in some degree.

Two of the positions assumed in this series are shown in the cuts.

We have not learned whether he has yet accepted either of these positions.

We crawled to our positions with the greatest care; but the caribou was alert.

These brilliant specks were all in rapid motion, and yet kept their positions to each other.