Positively [adverb]

Definition of Positively:

absolutely, definitely

Opposite/Antonyms of Positively:

Sentence/Example of Positively:

When he did go it was always understood to be positively for not more than two weeks.

This perpetual atmosphere of duplicity was positively distasteful.

And my confidence, Linda, is positively supreme that she could not do it.

Positively, there did seem to be a kind of stifled murmur, within!

He is confined to his room, and is positively starving for company.

To my disgust I found that Silberer positively refused to make a rush of it.

Vivian's countenance contradicted this last assertion most positively.

The only comfort for him was that his grandmother had told him so positively, and he held fast to that.

After this I got down into the forecastle, and positively refused to do anything more.

Positively I will not describe wedding-dresses, or a procession to church.