Positivism [noun]

Definition of Positivism:

state of having positive beliefs

Opposite/Antonyms of Positivism:

Sentence/Example of Positivism:

Positivism also found some noted exponents in Italy and Germany.

The only great attempt to meet that at present is Positivism.

However, the Beechers all had a deal of positivism in their characters.

This was the case with the so-called philosophy of history of positivism.

On her side no sign of change from Positivism was ever given.

Positivism, after all, then, resorts to reasoning and theorizing!

Israel is the most complete presentation of Positivism in religion.

Have we, then, only escaped from positivism to fall into the abyss of scepticism?

Metaphysic contains the reason of criticism, as criticism does that of positivism.

It is the common turnpike of material science—of "positivism."