Posits [verb]

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By a simple sic jubeo it posits a disorder which is an "absence of order."

It posits the all-comprehensiveness of mind and the non-existence of matter.

Darwin posits three general principles on which most expressions and gestures are to be explained.

The ego posits itself, but reflection on the given shows that we must add that it posits also the non-ego.

Either one posits as fundamental the thing itself, matter, independent of any consciousness of it.

This case therefore only posits a question, and it remains for happier observers to collect convincing experiences in this field.

The prius of all judgments is the Ego, which posits the connection of subject and predicate.

The Ego is, because it posits itself, and it only is, because this simple positing of itself is wholly by itself.

But, by means of this repelling, the one posits immediately many ones.

For its exclusion is the positing of its contrary, or it posits itself thereby as manifold.