Posse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Posse:

He had felt it before, when he watched the posse retreat with the body of Bill Dozier.

Therefore, none of the posse would have a point-blank shot at him.

The bullets of the posse had neither torn a tendon nor broken a bone.

The posse would plunge ahead, and he could cut in toward Los Toros.

Mali-ya-bwana and Simba set out with a posse of M'tela's men.

I telephoned to the police there, just after you left, and they said they'd send out a posse.

And if the sheriff looked for a request for a posse he was disappointed.

The posse deliberated briefly; 148 and then turned back for Tombstone.

He was after the man ahead, and, somewhere behind, a posse was in mad pursuit.

“You said the best place to hide from a posse was in the middle of it,” he said scornfully.