Possessing [verb]

Definition of Possessing:

have or obtain

Synonyms of Possessing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Possessing:

Sentence/Example of Possessing:

Rosenfeld eyed him suspiciously, but, possessing a sense of humor also, he grinned.

The only advantage with which he accredited the city was that of possessing newspapers.

Thanks to numbers they had ended by invading every sphere and possessing everything.

And this, as possessing measure, must undeniably also be an art and science?

There is, however, an interest in possessing one writing of Plato which is in the process of creation.

He could not live without the hope of gaining and possessing her.

And, in a moment, they set about the work of possessing these things.

She has the decisive advantage of possessing organization and organizers.

"I'm afraid I cannot boast of possessing all your philosophy," said he, touchily.

At the very moment of possessing you some miracle will wrest you from my arms.