Possessive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Possessive:

But he passed them by, for she was waiting for him and he was hungry for the possessive love of his slave.

The possessive construction seems to me, however, to be preferable.

The pronoun which, originally indeclinable, had no possessive.

His eyes were an index of the man, bold and possessive and unwavering.

They never used the "s" in indication of the possessive case.

Nouns in the plural ending in s take an apostrophe only to form the possessive.

Was it a shade too possessive and complacently sure for a stranger?

The possessive instinct is, in its profoundest abyss, an amorist of death.

It is an ecstasy completely purged of the possessive instinct.

Of all mortal instincts, the possessive instinct is the most insidious and most evil.