Possessiveness [noun]

Definition of Possessiveness:

affection, high regard

Synonyms of Possessiveness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Possessiveness:

Sentence/Example of Possessiveness:

Of course, she was not for him—not with that possessiveness.

He was overwhelmed by the possessiveness of the awful thing.

Exaggerations of possessiveness in the individual are parallel and of a piece with the clutching greed of nations and emperors.

For effrontery of possessiveness is there anything that can exceed the nest-making, planet-populating, female, human woman?

Anger, defiance, pride and possessiveness supply the motives of their songs.

In the few mad hours of their association they had come to belong to each other with a possessiveness that was beyond words.

Its chief characteristic is its possessiveness: the words "gain" and "profit" suggest this.

I had all the while been conscious of something abnormal in his attitude—a lack of ease in his gross possessiveness.