Possessor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Possessor:

He was of good birth, and he was the possessor of an inherited competence.

"It is, it is," the possessor of genius replied, with conviction.

Does not peace dwell within, and are not the hours of its possessor winged with happiness?

Not a millionaire like her brother, but the possessor of a handsome property.

The possessor of the "Lumley nose" rubbed that organ in a bewildered fashion.

Bailey's mouth closed in order that it's possessor might swallow.

But if the possessor have the property in a foreign country, there shall be no bar as to time.

In society, high advantages are set down to the possessor as disadvantages.

They submitted their lives and fortunes to the possessor of this appealing idea.

The possessor of such a secret would have the world at his mercy.