Possessory [adjective]

Definition of Possessory:

desirous; wary

Synonyms of Possessory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Possessory:

Sentence/Example of Possessory:

It abhors the absence of proprietary or possessory rights as a kind of vacuum.

They could be possessed even by wrong, and possessory remedies were given for them.

Furthermore, the only right the gentes claimed in them was a possessory one.

Modern German statutes have followed in the same path so far as to give the possessory remedies to tenants and some others.

A way, until it becomes a right of way, is just as little susceptible of being held by a possessory title as a contract.

The American state denies to the church all possessory rights unless incorporated by itself.

He loudly pronounced the proceedings of the possessory princes to be utterly illegal, and contrary to all precedent.

He declared that he would break up everything and dare everything, whether the possessory princes formally applied to him or not.

The Queen-Regent as then advised meant to wash her hands of the possessory princes once and for ever.

The French government had persistently refused to assist the States and possessory princes in the recovery of this stronghold.