Possible [adjective]

Definition of Possible:

likely, attainable

Opposite/Antonyms of Possible:

Sentence/Example of Possible:

My hope is weak that I shall ever again see you, yet it is possible.

He resolved to be as prudent as possible, and avoid, as far as he could, any altercation with Haley.

The present, so, was more than any possible future, how dire soever it might be.

Ladies should have with them as much jewelry as possible, borrowed or otherwise.

He was as kind and obliging as it was possible to be in his circumstances.

It concerns myself, and will therefore be as brief as possible.

How is it possible for me to confess, when I tell you I know nothing about her?

We are all in favor of having it built as promptly as possible.

The next question was, whether it was possible to follow them.

If it be possible for so universal a lover to be confined so long to one object?