Posted [verb]

Definition of Posted:

situate, position

Synonyms of Posted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Posted:

Sentence/Example of Posted:

Keep me posted, please, as to your success in making their acquaintance.

Away he posted directly to an attorney's who was empowered to dispose of the land.

It was only yesterday I posted a letter to you for Mr. Kellogg, sir, and the address was Omaha.

I'll tell her you've gone to England, and I'll send the letter to London to be posted.

Channing, you told me, yesterday, that you posted that letter for Ventnor on Friday.

It was on these stairs that Barnaby, Hugh, and Dennis were posted.

I posted on, and he, on account of his heavy luggage, was unable to follow me.

It is pointed this way, and you can never notice it there unless you have been posted.

The troop of the stars was posted in the immeasurable deeps of the firmament.

A postmark is the stamp put on the outside of a letter at the office where it is posted.