Posters [noun]

Definition of Posters:

large paper advertisement

Synonyms of Posters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Posters:


Sentence/Example of Posters:

He led the way into the house and picked up one of the posters, which lay on the floor.

The posters, maculated with filth, garnished like tapestry the sweep of the curbstone.

Then she turned to look at the posters on the bridge sidings.

"And posters for me for Dalradern at the same hour," said Ladarelle.

These posters are for fellows older than you, as you know perfectly well.

He printed the posters, and it was admitted by everyone that he did it very well.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered round the posters, laughing and joking.

Certainly the designers of these posters are not students of child nature.

He appeared to her, all at once, like a giant eight feet high, as on his posters.

She removed some posters from a chair, and seated herself coolly.