Postgraduate [noun]

Definition of Postgraduate:


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Sentence/Example of Postgraduate:

I am overjoyed that you are to take the postgraduate course.

"Thank you," returned the postgraduate, with the true Blount smile.

The man who can do this may be said to have passed his postgraduate examination as a first-class coachman.

After this he seemed to have spent some time at postgraduate work in Vienna, especially in mathematics under Johann von Gmnden.

Every Wellington girl who comes back for the postgraduate 180 course gives me a compliment better than a gift of jewels.

In fact she was merely taking a postgraduate course in certain studies.

Here we saw the Bishop and a number of novice priests receiving instruction, taking, I imagine, a kind of postgraduate course.

In postgraduate work, through the guidance of professors, I expected to find the "wise men" for whom I had waited so long.

There are a lot in the postgraduate department and some in the optional literature courses.

Have you participated in any postgraduate work since you graduated from high school?