Postmark [verb]

Definition of Postmark:

write directions for delivery

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Sentence/Example of Postmark:

A postmark is the stamp put on the outside of a letter at the office where it is posted.

It bore the Paris postmark: on it was drawn the route from Verdun to the frontier.

There was no date and no address, but the postmark was Bradfield in the north of England.

To my surprise I noticed that the stamp in the corner was English and the postmark "London."

He glanced at the postmark, saw that it was Nantucket, and stuck the note behind the clock.

Rita had been receiving many letters with the New York postmark; but what of that?

The crest on the paper, the postmark on the envelope, convinced him of its authenticity.

On my return to our little house, they gave me a letter with the postmark of Saint-Germain.

This communication was from my agent Sander, and bore the Brussels postmark.

It consisted simply of a visiting-card, in an envelope with an English postmark.