Postpones [verb]

Definition of Postpones:

put off till later time

Synonyms of Postpones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postpones:

Sentence/Example of Postpones:

But, for my nephew, it does not settle the question; it only postpones it.

Hesitation is injurious, because it only postpones your departure.

I am not in the least surprised that she postpones her appearance as long as possible.

A telegram from Judith to say she postpones her return to Monday.

Consequently he postpones definite action so far as possible.

This postpones the acquisition of citizenship until the termination (instead of the initiation) of the trust period.

This is a sign rather of honour than death; this postpones, it does not hasten death.

It postpones, too, the hope of the morbid ones that we shall come to war with a powerful enemy.

Accordingly he postpones marriage to a date in the indefinite future or abandons expectation of it altogether.

He who postpones saving until earnings are large and saving is easy, will postpone saving altogether.