Postponing [verb]

Definition of Postponing:

put off till later time

Synonyms of Postponing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postponing:

Sentence/Example of Postponing:

It was a thing remote and only important as postponing her punishment from Jack.

She had not as yet written to her cousin, postponing that work for the following day.

She lived from day to day, postponing, closing her eyes, trying not to think.

As for any feeling of shyness about it, of relief at postponing it—what nonsense!

But will you be good enough to tell me what the advantage of postponing the discovery will be?

It is not easy to see exactly what England will gain by postponing this change.

The thing had to be done, and there was nothing to be gained by postponing it.

He was guilty of postponing the finishing of his panel as long as he could.

And finally, after some hesitating and postponing to please grandmother, they left.

Her temporisation on the other hand, was that of postponing the inevitable for the sake of the impossible.