Postscript [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Postscript:

The substance of a lady's letter, it has been said, always is comprised in the postscript.

Also, in writing to his employer, Matt devoted a postscript to White Fang.

He read it with eagerness and pleasure till he came to the postscript.

This postscript was in the writing of the young lady herself.

As a postscript she mentioned that it was her niece who was to be married.

He added as a postscript, "What does thee know about Evelina Bray?"

At all events, make room if you can for the postscript I send you.

The postscript was brief, but it surprised Darcy more than all the rest.

Sometimes, as you know, the postscript is of great importance.

Mr. Mix gave it, but before he could add a postscript, Mirabelle was on active duty.