Postulant [noun]

Definition of Postulant:

person with wish, dream

Synonyms of Postulant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postulant:


Sentence/Example of Postulant:

She trembled like a postulant when she wrote the Greek alphabet for the first time.

There are degrees in the struggle for saintliness; the journalist was but a postulant.

"But Juanita is not a postulant," said Sarrion, with a laugh.

Mark concerned himself less with his own reception as a postulant.

One is a postulant for two years at least, often for four; a novice for four.

I was the postulant, dumb before the mysteries; I adored without a thought.

The postulant, after receiving these three ordinations, becomes a full monk or Ho-shang and takes a new name.

No one can become a postulant for admission to the Society until fourteen years old, unless by special dispensation.

Quite often during my postulant period, while I was learning these Latin prayers, I would have to do sewing.

Certainly, after such trials, the postulant is fully informed; nevertheless, his superiors contribute what they know.