Postulated [verb]

Definition of Postulated:

suppose, figure

Synonyms of Postulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postulated:

Sentence/Example of Postulated:

I postulated that it should be none of those “ten minutes in the air” affairs.

This conclusion is no mere inference from accepted or postulated premises.

But this presumption can never be proved; it can only be postulated.

What, therefore, can be postulated of the one will not apply with equal force to the other.

In geometry the primary construction is not demonstrated, but postulated.

I have postulated consciousness as the inseparable concomitant of life.

If God be as postulated, then can prayer and confession not be necessary, or even beautiful.

Perhaps the same may be said for 1000, though this could not be postulated with equal certainty.

In itself, it postulated an owner in the prime of life, handsome and graceful.

It is curious to see an insect apply the 'principle of least action,' so often postulated in mechanics.