Posturing [verb]

Definition of Posturing:

display an attitude

Synonyms of Posturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Posturing:

Sentence/Example of Posturing:

There was an extraordinary force of suggestion in this posturing.

Remember that while you're posturing in your little hour of glory on Athena and Earth.

She began at once calling and posturing, clearly for our benefit.

What a statue gallery of posturing friends we all have in our memory!

Music (it is called by that name) and posturing fill up the intervals.

That fat, posturing toad lied to them and they still honor him.

I am tired of posturing as one of Daudet's 'Kings in Exile.'

My "posturing," then, as the girl called it, was ridiculous.

I began by practicing what is known in the profession as posturing.

There is no posturing and fantastic dancing, but genuine acting.