Potage [noun]

Definition of Potage:

soup, usually clear

Synonyms of Potage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Potage:


Sentence/Example of Potage:

What preparatives for the potage, which already I perceive to be a printanire.

Dont laugh with your mouth full, or sup up your potage noisily.

“You may give me the potage Julienne,” replied the young Vermonter.

It was you who grew angry with my father because he got your birthright for a mess of potage.

There was potage St. Germain, made as only the French can make it.

The bread and bordeaux were first on the table; then the potage.

Use for potage garnishing, Consomm brunoise, and other dishes.

Any kind of potage made with broth may be made with consommé.

"I refuse to sell my heritage for a mess of potage," cried Bella, impetuously.

You should add that to Japanese pottery and potage à la tortue.