Potash [noun]

Definition of Potash:

dressing to aid production of crops

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Sentence/Example of Potash:

Crystals of iodine as opposed to permanganate of potash for antiseptic he discussed.

This composition is simply a mixture of phosphorus, glue, and chlorate of potash.

The most important are carbonate of soda, potash, and cyanide of potassium.

They knew also how to combine mercury, sulphur and potash to produce vermilion.

The object of Mason was to carry on the manufacture of potash.

Potash is obtained in Germany, where it is found in several forms.

They dye good but fugitive red with bichromate of potash, or alum.

Nitre, or "nitrate," is a native nitrate of potash, or nitrate of soda.

We use a kind of potash soap which we are sure is of the best make.

When nitre is burned with sulphur, the product is sulphate of potash, etc.