Potato [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Potato:

Separate the egg, beat the yolk, and mix it with the potato.

Then another layer of meat, potato, &c., till the dish is full.

Few of the flowers merely meant for ornament are so ethereal as a potato.

We'll have peas with the fillet, and potato balls and Brussels sprouts.

"Neither have I," quoth Bagley, and filled his mouth with mutton and potato.

In a raw state the potato is used as a cooling application for burns and sores.

It is not only as a food-plant that the potato has secured the respect and affection of mankind.

As she stuffed the first potato into her mouth, she burst out sobbing.

And then, besides, he had just eaten a potato; that would be sufficient for him.

Victor on his side had had the idea to fill it with potato parings.