Poteen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poteen:

Send me that poteen you spoke of, and ignore the Bills against these M'Caffreys.

They are celebrated distillers of poteen whiskey, but are not rich.

All charged, sergeant, with loyalty and poteen at any rate; hang the Pope.

Mutton always—fish and game when there's the season for them—and poteen to wash them down.

That, indeed, was happiness in perfection, as pure and unadulterated as the poteen which created it.

Av the poteen held out, Owen dear, ye wouldn't have had much trouble; but he can drink two quarts before he loses his strength.

I 've laughed more over red-herrings and poteen than I ever expect to do again over turtle and toquay.

A man taken up 'not for sheep-stealing or any crime, but just for making a drop of poteen,' tells of his hardships in Galway gaol.

A boy told me last night of two men that went with poteen to the Island of Aran.

And a drop of poteen is a wonderful thing to drive away the melancholy thoughts that haunt and bother so many of us.