Potency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Potency:

The potency is in the inferior blood, simply because it is the predominating one.

“Words are things,” says Mirabeau; and, to the poet, they are things of potency.

Besides, the fate of ordinary mortals should have no potency for such as we.

The silence was profound, yet somehow thrilling with potency.

It is the righteous of the cause—the humanity of the cause—which constitutes its potency.

If a man's wife dies, even, he loses all desire and all potency.

Desire and potency can exist only within the pair; never outside it.

Also the hour and the place lent their potency to her smile.

The tales just quoted are examples of the potency of a symbol.

We can suppose that there was a certain faith in the potency of money.