Potentates [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Potentates:

I don't know whether that potentate ever communicated with me.

The potentate glanced at the pianist, and then dropped his heavy eyelids.

They know no gratitude, and they would not cringe to the greatest Christian potentate.

The potentate saw that flash of glory, and put himself "on-side."

As a matter of fact, the newcomer did not look in the least like an Eastern potentate.

Having the Potentate and the whole Nenni caste slaughtered isn't part of them.

The vassal of the king of France was now a European potentate.

Potentate to potentate, duke—so long as you are on my territory, be it understood.

The reports as to the fidelity of that potentate were not to be believed.

It was governed by a potentate called the Count of Hainault.