Pottered [verb]

Definition of Pottered:

fiddle; goof off

Synonyms of Pottered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pottered:




Sentence/Example of Pottered:

So, it all depends on the contents with which the Potter fills his jugs and pipkins, I assure you.

In court the potter, asked of what he complained, replied: 'Of the peeping of an ass.'

We heard "The Potter thumping his wet clay" and stopped and watched.

This method, indeed, dates from Aztec time, when there was no potter's wheel.

And with most of them, let us frankly admit it, the hand of the Potter shook.

"Hi ya, Potter," called Landy as they were saddling the horses.

I would suggest that you make a potter's wheel for that purpose.

In the twilight, Bird mistook his victim, and fired, killing Potter.

Even Mr. Potter had not connected him with either of these two exciting events.

"I told you Potter was after that marble, and you wouldn't have it, Count," growled Braddle.