Potty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Potty:

It iss no disgrace whateffer to a potty to give in to Nature.

We are fighting for a principle; there is no potty that shall say I am not a peliever in principle.

If it goes on much longer I'll be potty if I ain't a gone 'un.

Potty, Pipes, and Piffle were very real to me, and lived like actual people in that dim garret.

"See haud o' the potty," cries Rob, an' losh, he had the window in afore Cree cud hae cut the glass.

Do you happen to have come across a goggle-eyed, potty little Alderman Brooker?

If Athene hadn't had that potty little legacy left her, she couldn't have done this.

A man wot knows wet 'e's doin' is worth ten wot don't, even if 'e's a potty old parson.'

I can't imagine why I made all that fuss about a potty job like distributing prizes at a rotten little country grammar school.

Behind the trunk crouched—Potty Black, with a mouse clamped in her jaws.